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Archive-Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 19:05:49 -0500
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 19:05:35 -0500
From: Hunter Goatley <>
Reply-To: SickThings@LISTS.WKU.EDU
To: SickThings@LISTS.WKU.EDU
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Subject: Administrivia: The End and a Beginning

Effective with this post, SickThings, the first and largest Alice
Cooper discussion list on the Internet, is officially dead.

As many of you know, I've been threatening to kill it for years.
Well, the time has finally come.  Over the past few months, the list
has degenerated to a point where I no longer think it serves its
original purpose.  Perhaps we're just all "discussioned" out.  But
with all the name-calling, and the fighting, and the ridiculous
threads such as names for teddy bears, and more, I've decided that I
no longer care to devote my time to maintaining the list and trying to
keep it interesting for the 1300+ subscribers.

So, SickThings is dead.  Or is it?

Effective immediately, everyone on the SickThings list has been
removed.  However, SickThings itself will continue to live, but this
time as a *moderated* announcement list.

I originally started SickThings as a means of distributing news about
Alice to his fans.  The new, reborn SickThings will be just that: a
one-way list, from me to you, with news and announcements about Alice
and Alice-related things.  Anyone can subscribe to the list.  Anyone
can contribute news to the list.  But all contributions must be sent
to "owner-SickThings@LISTS.WKU.EDU", and I have the final say on
whether or not the items are posted to the list membership.  As time
goes on, I may invite a few other people to co-moderate the list with
me.  But basically, the list will be used to keep Alice fans apprised
of Alice happenings and news.  The list will *NOT* be a discussion

To subscribe to the new list, *everyone* must send the command
"SUBSCRIBE" in the *body* of a mail message to:


Turn off your HTML formatting, get rid of sigs, and send just the
command SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message.

Let's hope the new SickThings works better than the old.

Hunter, SickThings list owner
Hunter Goatley, Process Software,